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Unusual symptoms of hypertension you should never ignore

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(The Health Site) Hypertension often goes un-diagnosed as it doesn’t show any symptoms. Dr Akshay Challani, Critical Care Specialist and Physician, Akshjyot Clinic, Navi Mumbai, sheds light on unusual signs of hypertension that you shouldn’t ignore!

Pain in the eyes: Most people tend to ignore pain in the eyes thinking it is caused due to working on computers all day long. But in reality, it could also indicate high blood pressure.

Persistent cough: If you have persistent cough even when you lie down, it’s time to get your blood pressure checked as it might be due to high blood pressure.

Chest pain: A chest pain is not always an indication of an underlying heart disease. In fact, frequent or slight pain in the chest could signify elevated blood pressure levels.

Loss of interest: Yes, this is an uncommon sign of hypertension. Some people lose interest in carrying out daily activities. If you feel the same, don’t ignore this symptom and consult your doctor at the earliest to rule out hypertension.

Fatigue: If you have been feeling low either physically and mentally quite often, then instead of blaming long working hours and stress, it is wise to get your blood pressure checked.

Dizziness: In some cases, when your blood pressure surges, it is characterized by dizziness. In such cases, lie down for some time and consult your doctor immediately.

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