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Patient Assistance

We coordinate and negotiate your medical care.

Watch Video to see what a Health Advocate can do for you and your medical bills!

Patient Assistance Program

Receive assistance with medical bills and coordination of your medical care.

Patient Assitance also known as a patient advocate or medical billing advocates are sometimes nurses, hospital staffers, or professionals in the health field that act on your behalf to coordinate your medical care or negotiate medical billing with care givers and insurers. They can help you save thousands of dollars in medical bills by reviewing your charges and appealing where necessary to hospitals to lower your overall costs.

As a member, Patient Advocacy is made available to you at No Additional Cost. Simply call member services to see if you qualify and a patient advocate will be assigned to work with you to assist you with the following:

  • Negotiate discounted settlements & payment plans for medical bills
  • Mediate between you and health provider regarding medical bills
  • Educate you on your medical options
  • Research your qualification for Medicaid or Charity care
  • Constant communication with you and your health provider keeping everyone informed on status, next steps, and results of current medical care and follow-up care.

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*This does NOT replace insurance, whether you have health insurance or not, Chat Live MD will provide you immediate access to the advice of licensed medical professionals when you need it. Faster than a visit to your doctor’s office and far less costly than urgent care or the emergency room. Chat Live MD℠ is the right choice for routine medical problems and questions. Prescriptions are electronically sent to local pharmacy at doctors discretion.