The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that was signed into law in 2010 views all prescription drugs as an “essential health benefit”. This law made finding cheap prescription a walk in the park since your insurance company has to cover them by law. So how do you lay your hands on cheap prescription drugs? Well, this is how:

cheap prescription drugs

1. Use prescription drug coupon

Very many drug stores in the United States spend a lot of money to send emails to their regular customers, vouchers and fliers. However, no matter how much time you spend flipping through them for savings on prescriptions, nothing beats the search than the Internet. Today there are plenty of websites and mobile applications that can be downloaded from sites such as iTunes that tell you the prices of drugs in pharmacies near you. You can also get information from your pharmacist about the available prescription discount cards. These discount drug cards can help you save a lot of money since most of them offer discounts of between 10 and 25 percent.

2. Test the product

Drug samples in most pharmacies are usually free. This is because most drug companies in the United States offer free testing for their products. The free trials don’t usually last more than 30 days. That said, one of the ways to save money is to walk into a pharmacy near you and ask for a prescription drug with a 10 to 14-day free trial as you seek for a cheaper alternative.

3. Consider using generics

Generics are slightly altered drugs that cost way less than the normal drugs would cost. Most of these drugs are 80 to 85 percent cheaper as compared to those that have not been altered. The United States Food and Drug Administration notes that more than half of the prescription drugs being sold in the country are generic drugs. These drugs present another alternative to cheaper prescription drugs. The prices for most drugs are also set to go down since there are some expensive prescription drugs such as Nexium and Celebrex whose patents are about to expire.

4. Get over-the-counter drugs

Most prescription drugs sold in drug stores are cheaper than those prescribed by the doctors in a hospital. Therefore, the next time you visit the doctor and they prescribe drugs to you, ask if you can get them from a drug store.

5. Pill splitting

Pill splitting is the process in which one acquires a different prescription from the one prescribed by a doctor and splits the dosage in half. The alternative drug that is split is usually stronger and of a higher dosage.  This is another way of reducing costs. It is important to note that not all prescription drugs can be split. Some can while others cannot. The process of splitting pills is not an easy one. However, many pharmacies have the necessary equipment required to cut the pills in half.

6. Buy from a Wholesale Club

There are many wholesale clubs one can join and get to buy prescription drugs at discounted rates. Costco and Sam’s are such clubs where members can get cheaper prescription drugs. Some clubs don’t require one to be a member for them to access the drugs. These clubs may have members who are not covered by any insurance health insurance company. Such people opt to join different programs that offer prescription drugs with up to 40 percent discounts.

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