Don’t need cheap health insurance to talk to doctors

For most Americans, it’s tough to choose between medical insurance and basic necessities. Out-of-pocket medical expenses can wreak havoc on a family or an individual who doesn’t have health insurance especially if they are on a tight budget. Those attempting to purchase cheap health insurance do not fare any better because the coverage does not support everything needed which doesn’t justify the cost. Although there are many assistance programs available for those who are unable to afford monthly health insurance premiums or co-pays, there is one option some people might not be aware of – telemedicine. These three simple steps will show you how an online doctor visit can save you some money.talking to a doctor online

Pay Less for Doctor Visits

The price of in-person doctor visits varies from state to state and from physician to physician. A recent study performed by Johns Hopkins showed that the cost of a doctor’s appointment for an uninsured patient is about $160. Online doctor visits reduce those expenses by giving patients a 10-15 minute consult which costs $40 to $50, allowing you to receive care for less. This is like having cheap health insurance but 10 times better because you access so many different specialties.

Early Treatment

Many Americans who don’t even have access to even cheap health insurance will attempt to diagnose and treat themselves instead of going to the doctor. Some people will try to delay or neglect their condition as well. If you fail to seek treatment or misdiagnose yourself, this could result in larger medical bills and major health issues down the road. A stubborn cough could actually end up being deadly pneumonia which would require hospitalization. Talking to a doctor online gives patients access to medical professionals quickly for immediate treatment.

Avoiding the Emergency Room

ER visits can cost as much as $1,200. These visits can be avoidable in a majority of these cases. Telemedicine doctors are available anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. They can prescribe medications and diagnose a variety of minor illnesses. This will prevent you from rushing to an emergency room or an urgent care facility for a UTI or the flu over the weekend or during a holiday.

Besides cutting healthcare expenses, telemedicine will save you a considerable amount of money because you will not have to take off from work. You won’t have to invest a significant amount of gas money to go to the doctor’s office either. It’s the most effective way to receive much-needed care when you don’t have a lot of money to spend. You will also have your choice of Primary Care doctors, Pediatricians, Therapists, Psychologists, and other health specialists.

If you haven’t tried doctor visits online yet, we highly recommend it. In the comment space below, let us know how telemedicine has saved you money. If you need care right away, talk to a doctor online Today.

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