Millions of people are currently suffering from diabetes. Only some of the patients are receiving proper treatment. Many patients don’t have proper medical facilities in their area while some people don’t even know that they are suffering from it. Many of us are aware of the common symptoms of diabetes like an increase in thirst, hunger and urination. But there are other symptoms too, which people don’t associate with diabetes. Through this blog, you will learn less known symptoms which indicate that you might be suffering from diabetes. So, take a look and perform a self analysis to check out.

symptoms of diabetes

  1. Vision Issues

In some cases, high blood glucose levels from diabetes can damage the capillaries of the eye. This condition is known as diabetic retinopathy. The damage to capillaries can cause vision loss and blindness. Some patients also experience distorted vision which causes floaters i.e. dark blobs that move around in the patients’ field of vision. Another condition related to vision is macular edema. In this condition, macula i.e. the area in the center of retina swells up due to which the vision becomes blurry. The earlier these conditions are diagnosed, the more vision can be saved.

  1. Nerve Pain

Feeling burning sensation, tingling or numbness in different body parts like feet, legs, hands or arms can also be the symptoms of diabetes. Over time, the high level of blood glucose and triglyceride from diabetes can damage the nerves and small blood vessels that supply them; this eventually leads to a nerve disease called peripheral neuropathy. Apart from previously mentioned symptoms, some patients also experience extreme pain in their feet, legs, hands or arms even when touched lightly or due to weakness and loss of balance.

  1. Fatigue

One of the causes of fatigue can be uncontrolled blood glucose levels in diabetic patients. Additionally, due to high blood sugar levels, blood vessels of kidneys get damaged which further lead to malfunctioning of kidneys. Usually, kidney disease causes no symptoms but fatigue can be a parameter to decide.

  1. Pain in the Chest

Patients who are suffering from diabetes are at higher risk of heart disease than those without diabetes. Chest pain or discomfort (also called angina) is often caused when heart muscles don’t get enough oxygen rich blood. Angina may also be experienced as tightness or pressure in the chest and can also occur in shoulder, arms, neck, back or jaw. Eating a healthier diet, controlling blood glucose levels and stopping smoking can reduce the chances of heart diseases caused by diabetes.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

The inability to achieve an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse is not only about vexing but it can also be a symptom of diabetes. Extreme levels of blood glucose can damage the nerves and blood vessels that make the erection possible.

So, whenever you notice such symptoms, you must consult with a doctor. Thanks to the technological advancements, now, you don’t have to necessarily visit the doctor’s office. If there are no medical facilities in your area or your schedule is already too tight, you can now consult and get the assistance from certified and experienced doctors through online chats and mobile phone. So, talk to an online doctor and don’t delay and receive the diagnosis as soon as possible. Check out how an online doctor visit works.

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