Health Benefits for Employers

Rising cost of health insurance coverage is as much of a battle as attracting and retaining great talent. Chat Live MD provides a telehealth solutions that minimizes your healthcare costs and give your current and potential employees unique health  benefits.

Reduce Absenteeism

Employees can talk to doctors with video or text directly from their phone while remaining on the job.

Reduce Health Claims

By reducing the number of uneccessary ER and Urgent care visits for minor acute illnesses by your employees decreases the claims made against your company health insurance plan.

Health Insurance Alternative

Do you have employees without health insurance? Get Chat Live MD as a stand-alone health benefit for your employees and receive special group pricing!

Employee Wellness

Employees can acceess Primary Care Physicians, Therapists, Psychologists, and more from anywhere at any time to keep their mind and body healthy.

Retain the Best Talent

This unique health benefit will make your company an attractive place to work and show that you care about the health of your most valuable assets…your employees.

Marketing Support

We make it easy for your employees to onboard and use Chat Live MD by providing you with a branded site and marketing to drive utilization.

Employees Speak to a Doctor in Minutes

Sign up or Log In

Onboard employees with a customized portal branded with your company logo provided by us.

Request a Doctor

Employees will have access to speak with  licensed, board-certified Primary Care Physicians, Therapists, Psychologists, and Dermatologists about their medical concerns, privately by phone, video, or text from work or home.

Get Prescriptions

The doctor will review an employees medical history, listen to their medical concern, provide a medical consultation, and prescriptions if necessary to pick-up at their local pharmacy.

Talk to doctors online, by phone, or text

employer health benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I offer this health benefit to my contractors or Part-time workers?

Part-time, contract and other employees that are not eligible for full-time benefits can be offered this telehealth benefit as a standalone service for individuals or family, regardless of whether they have insurance or not.

Can they use it for their family members?

Yes. Chat Live MD currently covers up to 6 family members under one plan.

Can Chat Live MD be used for Emergency Situations?

Chat Live MD is created to address non-emergency medical problems and should NOT be used for immediate medical emergencies, dial 911

Can you help employees dealing with serious personal issues?

Yes, we provide Therapists and Psychologists who can provide support for mental health concerns.

I already have health insurance but they don’t offer telemedicine. Can I still use Chat Live MD?

You can choose to provide our telehealth plan as an employer-sponsored program with our special group pricing or as a supplemental, employee-paid program.

How can I get my employees to use the service to keep my health costs low ?

We educate your employees on how to use telehealth benefits through extensive marketing and with our easy to use portal system branded with your company logo.

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