How much is a doctor visit without insurance

see a doctor without health insurance

How Much Is a Doctor’s Visit Without Health Insurance?

Without health insurance, the average doctor’s office visit costs between $300–$800, and an ER visit can cost as much as $1,200 on average. These visits can be avoidable in a majority of these cases. However, this number will vary greatly depending on the services, procedures, and treatments needed, as well as the type of doctor’s office and location.

You may begin to ask yourself or search the web about “how to see a doctor without insurance” or “How can I see a doctor without insurance” or “how much is a doctor visit without health insurance” By using some of the tips below, you can minimize your medical costs, even without insurance, to ensure you don’t go broke trying to stay healthy.

For most Americans, it’s tough to choose between health insurance and basic necessities. Out-of-pocket medical expenses can wreak havoc on a family or an individual who doesn’t have health insurance especially if they are on a tight budget. There are many assistance programs available for those who are unable to afford monthly health insurance premiums or co-pays, but there is one option some people might not be aware of – telemedicine. These three simple steps will show you how a virtual doctor visit can save you some money.

How to Get a Lower Price on Medical Bills

There are a few questions you can ask before your visit that can help reduce medical costs.

Ask if a facility has a “sliding scale” to help lower-income patients. Sliding scales help match your medical bills to your income level. If the healthcare facility does not offer sliding-scale fees, asking “how much is a doctor’s visit?” can help you ensure you’ll be able to cover the cost of treatment.

You can also ask for generic medications, charity-care options, or if they have discounts for patients paying cash (i.e., paying with cash can reduce the cost by as much as 90%).

Additionally, negotiating medical bills before or after the visit can help make medical expenses more manageable.

Medical coding errors are surprisingly common and it is always worth double-checking your bills.

You can do this yourself or get a professional to do it for a fraction of what they save you (i.e., approximately 15% to 30%).

Consider community health centers or free clinics.

There are about 1,400 free clinics nationwide that provide care to the uninsured. Local health departments are where to go if you’re questioning how much is a doctor visit without health insurance where they have select services including immunizations, testing for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, and family planning and contraception.

Nationwide, there’s been a meteoric rise in the use of urgent care centers in recent years. These facilities provide a higher level of care than what’s available at some pharmacy retail clinics, but aren’t equipped to provide emergent care for things like heart attacks and strokes. Urgent care centers can treat a wide array of maladies, including upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, diverticulitis; high blood pressure, food poisoning, sprains, minor fractures and lacerations. An urgent care visit typically costs around $150, according to

Don’t neglect your health living without health insurance

Many Americans who don’t even have access to cheap health insurance will attempt to diagnose and treat themselves instead of going to the doctor. Some people will try to delay or neglect their condition as well. If you fail to seek treatment or misdiagnose yourself, this could result in larger medical bills and major health issues down the road. A stubborn cough could actually end up being deadly pneumonia which would require hospitalization. You can talk to a live doctor online without insurance where you receive 24/7 access to medical professionals instantly for immediate treatment for a lot less than going directly to an ER or Urgent Care Clinic.

Online Doctor Visits Costs Much Less

The price of in-person doctor visits varies from state to state and from physician to physician. A recent study performed by Johns Hopkins showed that the cost of a doctor’s appointment for an uninsured patient is about $160. Online doctor visits reduce those expenses by giving patients a 10-15 minute consult which allowing you to receive care for less and have more access to health specialists.

Online doctors are available anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. They can prescribe medications and diagnose a variety of minor illnesses. This will prevent you from rushing to an emergency room or an urgent care facility for something as low cost as a UTI or the Flu.