Talk to a doctor online for faster health care

Talk to a doctor onlineConsult with multiple health specialties in one place

Today, if you have an illness or ailment you can talk to a doctor online and receive the help you need to address it. There are many great benefits to discussing your health concerns with a doctor online.

Faster Health care

Talking to a doctor online about your medical condition can be done in a matter of minutes. That’s much faster than traveling to a doctor’s office or medical facility to get help. Just traveling there can take over an hour. It may take another hour to register and wait for your turn to see the doctor.  A medical professional who can listen to your symptoms and offer you a faster solution.

Visit doctors in a Virus-free environment

When you talk to a doctor online, you can do so from the safety of your home. Sitting in a crowd full of coughing and sneezing people increases your chances of picking up Coronavirus (Covid-19), a cold, the flu, or some other type of contagious virus or illness.

Here’s what else you’ll find below:

Improved Comfort and Convenience

People have access to online doctor consultation services 24/7. You to speak with a doctor any time it’s convenient for you without interrupting your schedule. You can also communicate online with a medical professional no matter where you are. This eliminates the need to visit a doctor unless there’s a medical emergency. Many people would also feel more comfortable talking about their symptoms with the doctor from the privacy of their own homes. It enables them to talk more freely about what ails them and how they feel.

Easy access to multiple doctors & Health Specialties

talk to a doctor onlineMany people prefer to talk to doctors by phone or video because it eliminates the need to travel long distances, get the kids together, deal with traffic, find parking, or for some, ride public transportation. With a few clicks of a mouse, people have the opportunity to consult with a wide array of trained, experienced medical professionals such as Primary Care, Pediatricians, Therapists, Psychologists, Dentists, and Nutritionists. Doctor visits online eliminate the most challenging barriers preventing people from being able to get quality medical opinions and input on their health care needs in a timely manner. This is particularly helpful for people living in rural communities or far from populated areas.

How to talk to an MD online with 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign up by selecting a plan
  2. You’ll then receive an email with your login information
  3. Log in and talk to a doctor of your choice of Primary Care Doctors, Pediatricians, Therapist, Dentist

Parents who must stay home to care for their small children often have a hard time taking them to the doctor, and this is another concern that the platform addresses. If there are multiple small children in the home, taking them all to the doctor’s office may result in a healthy child picking up a virus in the waiting room. With several qualified pediatricians available at the click of a button, concerned parents can find out how to help a child who has non-emergency symptoms. Parents can ask as many questions as they wish in a day.

Get Prescriptions Easier

talk to a doctor online get prescriptions

Having to travel to a doctor’s office to get or renew a prescription can be a time-consuming, expensive, unnecessary, hassle for many people end up spending hours traveling to and from the doctor, only to spend 5 minutes for them to scribble down a prescription. Online doctor visits eliminate this problem. The doctor can quickly assess the patient’s condition, decide on the best prescription, and send the script to a conveniently located pharmacy near the patient’s home. Within minutes the patient can be taking the medication rather than traveling to the doctor’s office for a prescription for their birth control pills or asthma or allergy medication.

Accurate Medical Diagnosis

Many people turn to the internet to find information on symptoms they may be suffering and what can be causing it. While some medical articles and blogs can be helpful, gathering vague, often confusing information from random websites can lead countless people to misdiagnose their conditions. As a result, they can take actions and medications that can hurt rather than help them. Having convenient access to talk to a dr online who is trained, licensed, and experienced can eliminate any misdiagnosed medical conditions.

80% of Americans search for their symptoms or for a suspected condition on the internet using Google before they set foot in a health care facility. However, anyone can post medical information on blogs, and non-professional people often make reputable-looking sites that others mistake for medical advice from licensed physicians. Since not all information online is accurate, the practice of using online tips or advice instead of talking to a doctor can delay a person’s illness or put the individual in more danger. Another problem is that online information is generalized. Each person has a unique medical history and other factors that must be considered for an accurate diagnosis.

learn how to take care of your health

Online doctors cannot examine you themselves, obviously but instead, you are their eyes and hands. They tell you what signs to look for, teach you how to palpate swollen lymph nodes, examine inflamed tissue, and identify other signs and symptoms of illness and injury. This leaves many people more knowledgeable about their bodies and teaches them valuable techniques for analyzing their health. Overall, working with a doctor online makes people better informed about potential symptoms of health problems and how to examine themselves and monitor their health.

This makes them better prepared to help themselves and others. Even that is changing as technology continues to advance to give full body examinations using devices that send the information directly to the doctor. With the rising cost of health care, being able to go online and ask a doctor free or low-cost questions about your health can be a lifesaver.

Should I Talk to a doctor online or go to urgent care or the emergency room?

There is one, Low-Cost Monthly fee to access doctors in multiple health specialties. This was created because of the high and rising cost of health care. Being able to go online and ask a doctor free or low-cost questions about your health can mean a difference between life and death for many. Emergency rooms were created for, you guessed it, emergencies and not to b used as a revolving door of non-emergency situations like rashes, pink-eye, flu, colds, cough, headaches, or stomach pains. For a growing number of people, talking to doctors online is an affordable way to gain valuable insight into their health and well-being. The few dollars they have to pay to gain access to ask a doctor online a few key questions about symptoms they may be concerned about is a simple, cost-effective solution to address a potentially expensive and life-threatening condition. An online doctor can help you understand if your condition is serious enough that you should get to a medical facility right away.

Talk to doctors without health insurance

Many people cannot afford to purchase health insurance or pay hundreds of dollars for a doctor’s visit. For a growing number of them, spending a few dollars to speak with a doctor online for a few minutes to talk about their symptoms and their concerns serves as a lifeline. This is also true for people who live far away from medical facilities. For a few dollars, they can get an expert medical opinion on the seriousness of their health condition and trustworthy advice on what action they should take next.

Get good medical advice, Quickly

Whether it is a bruise that is taking a long time to heal, cough and cold that you just can’t seem to shake or an unexplained pain you have been having recently, everyone has health issues that concern them. However, the average person doesn’t have the time, finances, or freedom to rush to the doctor’s office or the emergency room to get a professional opinion. So these things linger and give the person a frightening sense of foreboding and unease. Take out the guesswork of searching online for free medical advice and get the answers you need quickly to put your mind at ease.

Works with Non-Insured, Insured, Medicaid Patients

Even people with the most comprehensive, expensive, health care plans and the freedom to visit a doctor whenever they please, sometimes need a quick, trustworthy, medical opinion. The ability to ask a doctor online a quick question about their health can be helpful to them. In fact, almost anyone can benefit from the ability to log on to their computer or get on their smartphone and speak with a doctor for a few minutes should the need arise.

You can Chat with doctors online 24/7

Patients who work during regular business hours have easy access to advice from qualified medical professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the past, very few people could talk to doctors because of work hours or busy schedules. Many people who worked during regular business hours had to pay more to visit an urgent care facility or a hospital. In smaller towns, emergency room use for non-emergency issues is still a widespread problem since many people do not have urgent care facilities nearby.

This left people with the option of visiting an emergency room only to receive a high bill later, taking time away from work if possible, waiting for the next day off, or going without medical care.  These services are designed to work around the busy lives of the patient and keep it simple, you can even chat with doctors online through secure messaging. This is very helpful for those with mental health concerns and could be at work where they need to be discreet. It is also designed to help people who travel frequently. If a patient has access to a regular phone or an internet connection, they can still request help away from home.

In some cases, it may be a starting place for people who need hands-on medical care. A physician will tell a patient if she or he thinks that the patient needs local services. Some examples of the conditions that are common with people who talk to their doctor online with this platform are asthma, cold, flu, high blood pressure, pink eye, constipation, urinary tract infection, and ear infection. From questions about vaccination age suggestions for children to dietary questions regarding elderly adults, the company’s physicians can provide prompt answers that people may otherwise have to wait days to have answered by a local family doctor.

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