Well, the answer might surprise you. The truth is — no matter how many signs hit you in the face, you always say to yourself, “No”. Nobody wants to admit that they are an addict.

That extra glass of beer you drank at happy hour… it was just once.

The night cap you have been indulging in for the past 2 weeks… its only because you have been stressed.

The sleeping pills you are taking every night with your glass of champagne… only until you are done dealing with your divorce.

You deal with a dozen on problems everyday and drowning your sorrows in alcohol is not the right way to “medicate”. We know how difficult it can be to admit that you are an addict. Following are a few signs that will help you self-confirm that you have a problem and need to join drug rehab inpatient:

  • Memory loss and black outs after a long night of drinking hard
  • Fighting or arguing with family members
  • Mood swings, depression and irritable behavior
  • Using other drugs to relax or feel normal
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Drinking straight from the bottle covered with a paper bag
  • Having alcohol bottles lying around in the car and everywhere in the house

Financial Troubles and Alcohol Abuse

Even if you maintain a strict budget for everything in your life, you will spend freely on alcohol. Buying alcohol is just the start of your financial troubles. The real trouble comes when you go outside while inebriated. You spend more on unnecessary things and dare yourself into risky things.

Work Life and Alcohol Abuse

Work efficiency is the second thing that gets affected due to your alcohol addiction. You become prone to absenteeism and that’s how you lose your job. At this point, resentment, rage and jealousy sets in, which seeps into your personal life. When you start feeling out of control, it’s a sign that you need to explore drug rehab facilities for a treatment.

Personal Life and Alcohol Abuse

The most noticeable impact of alcohol abuse falls on your personal life. This usually leads to domestic violence, infidelity, marital conflict, unplanned pregnancy, jealousy, stress and divorce. Children also come under the fire. Since they grow under such a bad influence, chances of them following in your footsteps are very high.

According to Facing Addiction, an organization that has partnered up with National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), around 20 million people are recovering from alcohol. The Alcohol Awareness Month is celebrated in April every month and, NCADD holds events and educates people on how to prevent alcohol addiction.

Here are a few reasons why Facing Addiction urges alcohol addicts to seek drug rehab programs:

  • Neglecting Important Duties: Alcohol damages your cognitive functions and this affects your home and work life
  • Hangovers: While the effects of hangovers are short-term but this is when you fail to meet commitments and spiral towards an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Encountering Legal Problems: When you are drunk, you invite dangers and therefore, are more likely to get into fights, drive under the influence, display disorderly conduct and become violent when stopped from doing something irrational
  • No Control Over Patience: You might say to yourself that “you have it under control” but the truth of the matter is, you are way past self-realization

Alcohol abuse and drug abuse are two passengers of the same boat. One leads to the other and there comes a time when you crave any substance that allows you to escape your responsibilities.

Are you ready to admit that you are an alcohol addict? Visit Chat Live MD to talk to a therapist online from the comfort of your home. Once you have built up the confidence to seek help, start looking for drug and alcohol rehab facilities near you.

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