Janice had been living with her mother for a year now. They had separated from the rest of the family because Janice’s 18-year-old nephew Sam was a drug addict. Sam’s parents had enabled his habit, and Janice couldn’t bear to see her nephew waste his life away. One night, Sam visited Janice and asked for some money to buy drugs. They had a verbal spat and Janice said “no.” In a fit of rage, Sam took out a knife from his back pocket and threw it at his grandmother. Thankfully, the knife whizzed pass his grandmother leaving a small scar on her cheek. Sam immediately realized his mistake and staggered out of the house in guilt. The damage had been done and none of the family members ever heard from Sam again.

When it comes to dealing with substance abuse, there are two ways that people deal with this problem: searching Google for “drug rehab inpatient near me” or going cold turkey. We don’t need to tell you which one of the options is better. The truth is that going cold turkey is pretty hard because there are just too many temptations, and you never know what will trigger your addiction. You have to be extra careful because the stakes are high when your loved ones get involved.

Let’s have a look at the benefits that drug rehab programs offer:


One of the biggest benefits of an inpatient drug rehab program is that there’s structure to it, which you cannot find at home. The program usually provides very little personal time to the patients, which prevents them from thinking about or using drugs. This reduces chances of a relapse.

24/7 Support

When you are admitted into a rehab facility, you receive help and support around the clock. In early days, this is what sets the recovery pace because you will be suffering from withdrawal. If you pass this stage, the rest will come easy.


As mentioned above, constant supervision is vital for a drug addict. Apart from growing through physical withdrawal, you will also suffer from mental withdrawal. You will experience side effects that might prove life threatening. This is why constant medical supervision is necessary to save you from yourself.

Zero Access to Drugs

You won’t be receiving any kind of drugs at the facility, not even a mild pain sedative. This is what makes a drug rehab inpatient program so effective. Most people choose to stay at such facilities for more than a year. It allows them to test their strength by having supervised outings, so that they can test their willpower.

No Negative Influences

A shot meeting with your family is enough to trigger your addiction. Since you are emotionally unstable, visitors can reverse all the good work that you have done. Moreover, it’s possible that your loved ones might be forced to smuggle in drugs for you.


There are no distractions in the facility, which means you will be focused on your well-being 2/7.

New Friendships

It’s been known that by meeting strangers in a drug rehab facility, you bond and heal with people who are going through the same things. You will have a new support system without any judgmental stares.

Numerous Therapy Options

Not only people are suited to the same therapy options. Some might find peace in meditation and some in exercise. You have to work on reliving the stress you have been carrying that forced you into substance abuse. If one therapy option does not work, there are plenty of others to try.

The best thing about drug rehab facilities is that they teach you various tools on how to recover from a potential relapse. This way, you are able to reel back in the craving anytime and anywhere. If only someone had helped Sam, he wouldn’t have gotten to point where he harmed his loved ones under the influence. It’s a hard decision to make but the earlier you acknowledge your addiction, the faster you will be able to recover and avoid relapse. Chat Live MD gives you the option to talk to a therapist online. Test the waters and seek help at home first. Create your account now and start your journey to recovery.  

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