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Skip The Waiting Rooms! STOP Overpaying for unnecessary ER Visits! Talk to U.S, board certified doctors by phone or video from anywhere. Receive online medical consultations, treatment for chronic illnesses or cold/flu symptoms, and much more. Online doctor visits are fast convenient and easy to use. Insurance Not Required 
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Talk to a doctor who is board certified and licensed in the U.S., about your medical concern, privately by phone or online.

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The doctor will review your medical history, listen to your medical concern, provide medical advice, and prescriptions if necessary, to pick-up at your local pharmacy..

NEVER SKIP receiving the advice of a licensed doctor because you think you can’t afford it or have no insurance. Insurance is Not Required to Talk to doctors online and for those who have, it’s reimbursed with insurance in the U.S (click to here check your state).

Convenient Medical Care

Talk to a doctor online or by phone quickly and securely about your medical concern

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On vacation? At home with the kids? Can’t leave work? Appointment weeks away? See your doctor at your convenience, 24/7 by phone, email, or video consultation Anytime, Anywhere.

Reduce Medical Bills

Save hundreds to thousands of dollars when you stop unnecessary visits to the emergency room or urgent care clinics. Keep medical bills from damaging your credit. Negotiate your medical bills with our Patient Advocate service.

Online Prescriptions

Our online doctors can prescribe medications* and send them electronically to your local pharmacy.

About Our Doctors

Our national network includes U.S. board-certified medical doctors who go through rigorous background checks before joining our team. Speak with primary care physicians, pediatricians, behavioral specialists, and more.

No Hidden Medical Fees

Talk to a doctor or any of our specialists without the worry of having to pay any extra medical fees.

Quality Care in Minutes

No more waiting rooms. See and talk to your doctor the moment you need them.

Common Medical Conditions Treated

General Health

Cold and flu
High-Blood Pressure
Urinary Tract Infections
STD Testing/Results
Sinus problems
Upper Respiratory Infections


Skin Infections
Skin Rash

Behavioral Health

Stress/ Anxiety
Substance/ Domestic Abuse Counseling

And Much More!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I talk to “real” doctors?

Yes. Chat Live MD members talk to state licensed, U.S. board-certified, primary care physicians and pediatricians. When you request a visit, Chat Live MD will connect you with a doctor licensed in your state.

Can I use it for my Family members?

Yes. Chat Live MD currently covers up to 6 family members under one plan.

Can Chat Live MD be used for Emergency Situations?

Chat Live MD is created to address non-emergency medical problems and should NOT be used for immediate medical emergencies.

How can a doctor diagnose me without physically seeing me in-person?

The doctor will consult with you and review your electronic medical records. Your medical history will have past conditions, medications, used as well as your family medical history which the doctor will use to make an informed decision about your health. You also have the option of showing any problems to your doctor by using a private video call.

Do I need to have Health Insurance to use?

No. It can be purchased by without a health insurance plan. Some insurance companies and employers cover telehealth visits. Contact your Human Resources department or health insurance company to see if your visit is covered.

Can I get prescriptions?

If the doctor determines it is medically necessary they will electronically send your prescriptions to a local pharmacy.

Can I be turned down for pre-existing conditions?

We do not turn away those with pre-existing conditions.

Do I need to have the internet?

No, You can talk to your doctor as much as you need with a simple phone call. The internet is optional and beneficial for video consultations.

What Members Say...

Hello, I used Chat Live MD service to talk to a doctor back a few months ago. I thought it was highly convenient, saving me the hassle of getting the kids ready and waiting for another 10-15 minutes in the dr’s offce with the kids. Easily got what I needed over a phone consultation.

Brittany, Texas

“I really do like this service. Two weeks ago I started to have a sore throat and I used this service for the first time. I called and got with a doctor online right away and told them my symptoms and he prescribed me antibiotics right away. My prescriptions were sent right over to my local pharmacy with no problems. I did not have to wait long and it was a lot easier for me because I did it as soon as I got home from work. I made the call in my living room, very cool!”

Jacob, California

“This is absolutely awesome. I was able to log on and choose a time slot that worked for my busy day. The doctor called me for the meeting and sent the much needed prescription directly to my pharmacy. This saved me time, money, and helped me improve my health.”

Michelle, California

*This does NOT replace insurance, whether you have health insurance or not, Chat Live MD will provide you immediate access to the advice of licensed medical professionals when you need it. Faster than a visit to your doctor’s office and far less costly than urgent care or the emergency room. Chat Live MD℠ is the right choice for routine medical problems and questions. Prescriptions are electronically sent to local pharmacy at doctors discretion.