Talk to your doctor Online

No more waiting at the doctor’s office.

Have your next doctor visit online with licensed board-certified Primary Care Physicians, Pediatricians, Therapists, Dermatologists, and more. Live chat with your doctor 24 hours a day 7 days a week about any health issue.

  • Health Insurance NOT Needed
  • Unlimited Doctor Visits
  • Get Your Prescriptions*
  • NO Co-pays
  • NO Office Visit

*Our online doctors can write prescriptions, if medically necessary and send them to your local pharmacy

How to Speak to a Doctor in Minutes

no health insurance

Sign up

Enroll yourself into our easy to use telemedicine system and you are free to speak to a doctor as often as needed without the added cost of health insurance.

Chat with a Doctor

Explain your medical concern to your doctor, they will then take an assessment of your medical history, and come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan to get you feeling better.

Receive Treatment

Your online doctor can write prescriptions and have them sent to your local pharmacy if medically necessary.

Ask your doctor medical advice online, by phone, or text

Speak with Doctors 24/7

On vacation? At home with the kids? Can’t leave work? Appointment weeks away? See your doctor at your convenience, 24/7 by phone, email, or video consultation Anytime, Anywhere.

About Our Doctors

Our national network of U.S. licensed, board-certified medical doctors come from top universities, go through rigorous background checks, and are continually reviewed to ensure you receive only the best service. Speak with Primary Care Doctors, Pediatricians, Psychiatrists, Counselors and more.

Get Prescriptions

Your doctor can prescribe medications and will send them electronically to your local pharmacy, if medically necessary.

Patient Assistance

Our Patient Assistance service will act on your behalf to coordinate your medical care, negotiate medical bills, and help you clarify your options for hospitals, doctors, diagnostic tests and procedures or treatment choices.

Unlimited Medical Consultations

Talk with a doctor as many times as you need about anything free of extra fees.

Multiple Health Specialties

Additionally, you receive access to Pediatricians, Dermatologists, Therapists, Psychologists , Urologists, and more all under one plan.

Urgent Care at Home

Avoid the high costs of going to the emergency room or urgent care center. Ask medical questions, receive professional medical advice and treatment for non-emergency conditions such as:

How can online doctors help with me?

Watch the video to see how talking to doctors online can benefit you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I talk to “real” doctors?

Yes. Chat Live MD members talk to state-licensed, U.S. board-certified, primary care physicians and pediatricians. When you request a visit, Chat Live MD will connect you with a doctor licensed in your state.

Can I use it for my Family members?

Yes. Chat Live MD currently covers up to 6 family members under one plan. (See Plan)

Can Chat Live MD be used for Emergency Situations?

Chat Live MD is created to address non-emergency medical problems and should NOT be used for immediate medical emergencies.

How can a doctor diagnose me without physically seeing me in-person?

The doctor will consult with you and review your electronic medical records. Your medical history will have past conditions, current medications, as well as your family medical history which the doctor will then use to make an informed decision about your health. You also have the option of showing any problems to your doctor by using a secure, private video call.

Do I need to have Health Insurance to use?

No, it can be purchased without having health insurance. If you have Medicare, Medicaid, or single health insurance coverage you may be eligible for reimbursemnent Check your states telemedicine coverage options.

Can I get my prescriptions?

Yes, our online doctor can prescribe medications if medically necessary. They will electronically send it to your local pharmacy.

Can I be turned down for pre-existing conditions?

We do not turn away those with pre-existing conditions.

Do I need to have the internet?

No, you can talk to a doctor with a simple phone call. The internet is optional and beneficial for video consultations.

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*This does NOT replace insurance, whether you have health insurance or not, Chat Live MD will provide you immediate access to unlimited consultations with licensed medical professionals when you need it. It’s faster than a visit to your doctor’s office and far less costly than the urgent care or the emergency room visit for minor acute illnesses. Chat Live MD℠ is the right choice for routine medical problems and questions. Prescriptions are electronically sent to local pharmacy at doctors discretion.