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About Us

ChatLiveMD℠ believes everyone deserves access to affordable health care! Our passion is to reduce the cost of healthcare through the use of innovative telemedicine technology and make the experience of seeing a healthcare provider convenient, enjoyable, and affordable – the way it should be!

Everyone Deserves Access to Affordable, Quality Health Care


We aim to expand access to quality healthcare by delivering trusted Telehealth solutions which are now backed by many states across the US and reimbursed by major insurance agencies. Together we create a healthier world with on-demand healthcare.

A safe and simple experience is our top priority. Whether consumers are searching for urgent care, an online diagnosis, assistance with mental health or just the security of knowing what to do next, they’ve welcomed this new way to experience care.

Hundreds of thousands of people have visited ChatLiveMD℠ and users proclaim the experience to be simple, approachable, and safe, with 99 percent saying they would recommend it to others. Each customer’s happiness and health is important to us. We strive to bring the highest value to every visit.

So, go ahead and give ChatLiveMD℠ a try. Our doctors are ready for you, 24/7

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